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Teledyne Laars ebp110 Error Code F-2

Hi everyone. My first time here. I have a 20 year old Laars Ebp110. Great unit until a few weeks ago. Intermittently it will Lock out LO. I hit the reset button and she fires right up. While running I pressed the error code button to see the stored codes and found F-2 code as the first stored code and actually the only code I see. According to the manual it is (over heat thermostat has operated) The unit don't heat the water at a crazy fast rate, but is gradual. I was thinking maybe a blockage or a bad main pump, but everything is working as it should as far as circulation goes. The manual says if the temp rises rapidly and the switch opens then it is the main pump, but that don't seem to be happening. From the manual... (F-2 The overheat thermostat (safety limit)
opens at 230°F. Observe boiler operation if
the boiler shuts off before the indicates
225°F (107°C) replace safety limit) This exactly what is happening. Boiler cycles off before it hits 225deg. So, replacing the switch should work right? I would be so appreciative if anyone could help me with this. I just don't want to throw money away buying parts or calling a technician. Thank you so much.


  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 893
    It will require some testing, or you can just throw some parts at it.

    If if was me I would test all the sensors on it, they are all 10K ohm style resistors and the manual has a chart for what the ohms should be at based on the temp (I use an infrared gun to give me a clue on the temp at the sensor). Its very possible the pump is bad as well, I would amp a lead and determine if its pulling too many amps, if so I would change the pump. The good news is if its the original pump you have got all your money back and some so dont feel bad about changing even if its not that.
    Montpelier Vt