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Replacing 50 year Old Boiler

PurpleTwix Member Posts: 1
edited January 2021 in Gas Heating
Location: Massachusetts (Metrowest)

Current Heating System: Gas (Boiler) with hot water baseboard and Water tank

Age of System: Unknown but very old boiler (maybe 50 years). Newer water tank within last couple years.

Size of house: 2000 sq ft. but could be expanded to 2500-3000 in future.

Both the home inspector and boiler service guy said boiler needs to be replaced.

I am deciding between boiler or combi boiler. Should I go combi or stick with what I have?

Also, when I go to Bosch Greenstar website and their boiler page, I am seeing upto $2900 in rebates via Massave. Has anyone gotten these installed and received the rebate? How easy is the process?

I am completely new to all this. Roughly how much should I expect to pay for Bosch Green boiler and Installation? I dont need exact numbers just rough numbers to budget. $5000? $10000? $15000?

Has anyone here around my area worked with an installer for Bosch?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,096
    Sorry but we cannot talk prices on this site.

    If your water tank is newer keep that (I assume it is an indirect tank tied to the boiler.

    The first thing you need is a heat loss calculation for your house. A contractor should do that, some will not. You need that to pick the correct size boiler. Sizing it by the old boiler or by guessing is no good.

    What you should do is pic your contractor first and let him decide what is the best boiler. Personally I don't care for Bosch because they use aluminum heat exchangers.

    As far a boiler options

    Mod cons are more expensive to install and service and replacement parts are $$. They require a really experienced technician and need to be serviced on a regular basis. They probably won't last as long as a regular boiler.

    Cast iron boilers don't seem to last as long as they used to either, parts are less $$ they to need regular service but are a little more forgiving and it is easier to find someone who can make them run.

    So do you want a Mercedes or a Ford/ They both get you down the road

    And don't be fooled by mod cons advertising 95% efficiency. You only get that with low temp return water. With baseboard their efficiency is more than a cast iron boiler but not by much. Maybe 82% for cast Iron and 88% for a mod con.

    That being said this is a decision for you and your contractor to make. The most difficult decision is the right contractor and GOOD one's are hard to find.

    There is no right or wrong decision as far as mod con or cast iron. They both have pros and cons.

    If your are looking at the current rebate sheet yes they are real

    You could check "find a contractor" on this site, not many listed in MA unless @Charlie from wmass is interested