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How to fix pig tail, pipes to pressuretol and psi gauge clean, no steam

LS123LS123 Member Posts: 212
Hello all,
Last week I have the privileged of taking old pigtail and leaving a piece inside the connecting thing on the boiler... I could not understand why there is no steam from the pigtail, especially I had put a new pig tail, clean and tested the pipes going to psi meter and pressuretrol... used a metal cable / wire and poke inside the boiler for a while... no steam still... repeated this stem few more times... same results....

I figured I wold connect my air compresor to the pig tail send some air in to the boiler chamber... held it few mins... I could hear air coming from one of the main air vent... pull out the air connection from the pig tail.... there comes steam raging out of the pig tail...

Be sure to wear protective gear before you do that... especially if have steam built up in the chamber...

Just thought I would share this with you all who may encounter issue like I...

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  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,994
    Yeah, its not a good idea to clean the pigtail by any means when the boiler is running or has steam pressure. Just common sense

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