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fujitsu halcyon

Anyone familiar with the fujitsu halcyon dc inverter I have a 5 head system and the issue is the indoor fans aren’t ramping up to full speed. I saw that it has a warm up period of 3-5 minutes before the fan ramps up but it never ramps ups to full speed like it does in fan mode on high. I am getting a 30 degree split just no blower speed up. Any insight would be helpful. Tech support was closed today I’m stewing on it a bit thanks.


  • motoguy128motoguy128 Member Posts: 330
    edited January 1
    I heating mode I believe they limit max fan speed based on coil temp so luke warm air isn’t blowing with colder outside temps.  This might also improve COP numbers as high fan speed tends to consume a relatively large amount of power.   

    Total capacity under 35f is limited more by max compressor RPM and outdoor coil size not indoor coil airflow, unlike a conventional split system.  

    They also delay fan start in heating mode as well.  

    Keep in mind that with 5 heads you likely have far more indoor coil than outdoor unit capacity.  Fujitsu allows I think 130% indoor unit total vs outdoor unit.  

    30f split I think Is the target until it gets colder.  
  • kevsul1kevsul1 Member Posts: 19
    Hmm so if it goes more by compressor rpm are you supposed to be able to adjust the fan speed in heating on the remote from low to high on each head I can’t control the fan speed in heating just in fan only mode.
  • Bob_57-2Bob_57-2 Member Posts: 16
    Don't be surprised if your system has a leak. How old is it? About 6 years ago and probably for a few years beyond that, Fujitsu was making bad coils. I had to have 3 of my 6 coils replaced a year ago and now the other 3 are leaking, post warranty. I knew there was a leak this time because the fans wouldn't come up to speed. My service guy tells me I am not the only one with this problem and Fujitsu did acknowledge the problem somewhere on their site.
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