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Boiler System Help

joelk Member, Email Confirmation Posts: 1
edited December 2020 in THE MAIN WALL

I had a natural gas boiler/baseboard heating system installed in my home a few years ago. I used to have the plumbing connected to a woodstove boiler, that was eliminated and a contractor installed the natural gas boiler. I noticed the temperature on the boiler drops extremely fast firing up every 3-5 minutes to bring the temp back up to 180 just running 1 zone. After doing more digging into how they installed it, they have the water flowing opposite of what it used to flow with the woodstove boiler, and now the water is flowing through the valves the wrong way. I have 4 zones each controlled by thermostats. My question is if the valves used to be on the return and now they are on the supply flowing the wrong through the valves am I sucking cold water from other sections? The previous way/flow with the wood stove if 2 zones were on the same supply but the valves was on the return would it deadhead against the valve and bypass that section. I've asked the contractor to come out and take a look and no luck unfortunately, they wont return my calls. Also in a nutshell is having the valves flowing the wrong way going to create suction of cold water. Can I just reverse the flow through the valves replumbing? Thank you, any help would be appreciated.