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Controllers/Switching Relays for 8 zones


What are my options for a controller that can handle 8 zones?

I've been looking at this Beok one,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

The problem I see with this is that it uses line voltage (120-240V) for the thermostats and actuators. The thermostat wiring that I already have in place is for 24V so I don't think it would be safe to use it with line voltage.

What is everyone else using?


  • Gary Jansen_4
    Gary Jansen_4 Member Posts: 77
    Taco or Tekmar are your best options 
  • Beakster
    Beakster Member Posts: 7
    If I have 3 thermostats but 8 actuators, can I buy a 3 zone controller and connect multiple actuators to the same zone?
  • Beakster
    Beakster Member Posts: 7
    Looks like if I get a Tekmar 3 zone, it allows 7VA per actuator. The actuators I am looking at are 2VA, so sounds like I can safely have up to 3 actuators wired in parallel. Does that make sense?

    Also is there a preference for 24V over 120-240V actuators and thermostats?
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 14,786
    Most all the new thermal actuators are low current draw, 250 mA. Is that what you have, older versions may be 800mA.

    I always buy a relay one size up, if you buy a 4 zone, you have a spare or you can use the end switch to trigger the 4th and add an actuators there.

    If you have 250 mA you should be able to run 3 on a relay. Assuming the thermostat can handle the draw, most can.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
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