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Connecting Radiator with 1" spud to 1.25" supply.

Hi - I have an older two column radiator with a 1" spud that I want to connect to a 1.25" supply. Assuming I am going to have to change out the valve, what are my options? I'm guessing I will need to swap out the bushing to one that reduces to 1.25", but wanted to check first there is not an easier fix. Does anyone know a good source for the bushings?


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,021
    edited November 2020
    CORRECTIONS TO FIRST RESPONSE: (Must of had dinner on my mind)

    I would say to get a new 1 1/4" valve, it comes with the spud that goes into the radiator. (but it will not go into the radiator in this case)
    Also get a 1 1/4" X 1" black reducer COUPLING and a 1" x 2" long black nipple.

    Then being sure that rad opening is actually 1", remove the spud from the radiator.

    You may try a spud wrench, then check Utube for spud removal when the spud wrench might fail to unscrew the old spud.

    IIWM, I would not try to remove the bushing from the radiator.
    That is steel or cast screwed into cast iron and looks to be an eccentric bushing, which is desirable for condensate draining.
    (Spuds are brass and much friendlier to remove)

    Then remove the old 1 1/4" valve.
    You must use 2 pipe wrenches or bad things can happen. Believe me.
    Install new valve....tape and pipe dope together is recommended.
    Install new 1 1/4" spud (this is where you can use your new spud wrench) into reducing coupling with 1" x 2" long screwed directly into radiator.....don't forget to put the union nut on first. (no one would forget that...right).
    No pipe dope or tape on the union faces.
    Do not push riser pipe down...if anything raise up somewhat....shim up rad if needed.
    Rad must slope towards valve.

    Not really a ten minute job, but entirely doable.

    (If you can remove the original 1 1/4" spud from the old radiator without egg shaping you could reuse your old valve .)
  • Might be a problem with the new 1 inch valve going onto the 1 /4 inch riser.
    It might be wise to also remove the radiator bushing, and use a 1 1/4 inch valve.—NBC
    New England SteamWorks
  • steamoptions
    steamoptions Member Posts: 7
    Thank you for the responses - I am going to give the the 1 1/4 to 1" reducer strategy a try and will report back.