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Are New Yorker boilers good? Other recs?

postelrichpostelrich Member Posts: 4
Plumber recommended replacing boiler. I currently have a 38 yr old slantfin cast iron gas steam boiler. He wants to use a New Yorker cast iron gas steam. Is that a reliable brand? Has a 10 year warrant. Previous posts seem to suggest that its more important the installer is comfortable with the brand than the brand itself. Is there anything to gain from a better/more expensive brand?

Thanks in advance.


  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,272
    A knowledgeable, capable installer is the key to a good installation. Remember you are buying a 30-40 year lifetime of comfort from the system as a whole, if done right.
    He should measure the radiators in the house to determine the size of the boiler, and not just install the same size you have now.
    He should choose a make of boiler, with wholesale representation in your city, if spare parts are needed later on.
    He should be prepared to read the instruction manual, and follow the maker’s requirements for piping
    When done, he should skim the boiler to remove surface oils left over from threading the iron pipes, and show you how to do subsequent skimming, (may take 3or 4 sessions of an hour apiece). Chemicals won’t do the job.
    He should be able to check combustion with the proper equipment, to make sure you are getting a clean, efficient flame.
    He should check your main vents, and verify that they are of sufficient capacity to let the air escape with no resistance.
    He should check the location, and setup of your thermostat.
    If he says, “don’t worry, I have 30 years of experience”, get the above in writing of the contract.—NBC
  • JohnNYJohnNY Member Posts: 2,549
    New Yorker boilers are fine. They are the downmarket or "builder's grade" brand made by Burnham. I don't know why someone would recommend New Yorker instead of Burnham, but it's true that a good, reliable heating plant is far more a function of the installer than the product since, while some products are better than others, they are all good enough.
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  • postelrichpostelrich Member Posts: 4
    I think he said the current boiler was 140 and wanted to put a 104 and that I only really need 60 for the 6 radiators I have.

    Is the price difference between Burnham and New Yorker significant? What makes one better than the other?
  • MaxMercyMaxMercy Member Posts: 78

    Plumber recommended replacing boiler. I currently have a 38 yr old slantfin cast iron gas steam boiler.

    Age thing or is there a specific problem with it?

  • postelrichpostelrich Member Posts: 4
    MaxMercy said:

    Age thing or is there a specific problem with it?

    Said there was a small leak in the cast iron.
  • postelrichpostelrich Member Posts: 4
    should a new yorker last 30 years assuming proper install? Do they have thinned out cast iron? Is there a brand with a warranty longer than 10 years?

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