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Pressure transducer

Does anyone use pressure transducers for controlling steam pressure?
If you do, what brand do you use?
Recently had a vapor-stat that refuses to close after opening.
I've used a company out of NJ in the past for vacuum switches, but they've closed there doors.


  • Lard
    Lard Member Posts: 115
    I want to.  I have a pile of IFM effector pressure switches I saved from some scrapped CNC machines.  The old fixture air seat check switches operate on low pressure ranges, so they fall in the perfect spot.

    They are programmable as field or hysteresis, NO or NC, two outputs, delay-on and delay-off timers up to 999 seconds. They operate on 24VDC, so a 24vdc power supply and a relay would be needed.  My plan is to leave both primary and secondary pressuretrols in place and have this do the heavy lifting while the mechanical controls are a safety backup.

    I use one on my well pump driving a 30A contactor.  It is very nice. They have a digital readout too so it is also a gauge at the same time.

  • Lard
    Lard Member Posts: 115

    As used on the well pump.  Piping was done long before the indoor PVC ban, plan to redo when the tank dies. Relief valve out of view...  

    I have three switches in a -1BAR to +1BAR range that would work for the boiler.  They are super reliable and accurate on the CNC equipment we use them in at work.  
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,517
    Yes. It's done all the time. Look at "Kele Associates" online.

    I believe you need a pressure transducer, dc power supply and controller unless they make something all self contained. If you caal them they have good tech support and will help you out
  • AMservices
    AMservices Member Posts: 610
    Thanks guys. I'll explore those options.
    The couple I've worked with on vacuum systems were very accurate maintaining 12Hg to 6Hg. Im surprised there not more common place with steam considering how many people have problems with pressuretrols and vapor-stats.
    Something simple and reliable with only a couple settings like 8oz-4oz, 16oz-8oz, or 2psi-1psi. That way no one can come in after you leave and crank up the pressure.