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Looking to buy a home with WarmRite Hydronic heating

Hi there,

I'm currently looking to buy a place built in 2004 which has IPEX WarmRite hydronic heating. My home inspector said the system isn't working and couldn't detect any heat from the pipes with his thermal imaging camera. I'm also very worried by what I read about the kitec pipes leaking.

The fittings on the manifold look to be in poor shape and the pipe looks orange. The house's water supply comes from an artisanal well. The boiler is a HYDRA 15-E2401M-A

Is this system likely to be beyond economical repair? Is forced air heating the only solution? Any advice welcome. Thanks


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,862
    It could be something simple causing it to not work at all, a failed control, pump, air lock.

    If you "google" that brand and system you will learn a bit more.

    There were some tube failures, plenty of pics of that online. Most but not all were the plumbing tube, I have seen failed, blistered and collapsed inside WarmRite radiant tube. Another issue was the brass fittings dezincification, other brands suffered that breakdown, causing that white fuzz you see. Also some dielectric corrosion where the aluminum tube layer was not isolated from the brass fitting and corrosion occurred. IF you do replace fittings, be sure to get a brand that has the isolation washer to break the brass to aluminum contact.

    Curious what your realtor said, in some areas I've heard you need to disclose that system being part of a class action suit.

    Bit of a crap shoot on your end, do you feel lucky?
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
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