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NYC Gas Piping and Paint?

FireItUp Member Posts: 1
I manage a building and am getting things ready for the new NYC gas piping inspection law/tests. I noticed that the 3/4 inch (?) piping around the individual apartment gas meters is painted. I assume it was done to improve the look of the pipes. I'm getting conflicting information on whether this is allowed in NYC. Also, I spotted a reference to painted gas pipes being tested at 90psi (which seems wild). Can anyone clarify the issue?


  • Joseph_4
    Joseph_4 Member Posts: 263
    I was told the same thing when I had an inspection .. 311 has a number of the plumbing unit..you can speak to an inspector on certain days .. I didnt hear it from the inspector but for the licensed plumber who I was working with.
  • JohnNY
    JohnNY Member Posts: 3,223
    Yes. Painted gas piping in NYC must be tested at 90 PSI of air pressure....when it's being pressure tested, not "inspected".
    Be aware though that no piping within tenant spaces is subject to inspection, nor is a pressure test of any kind part of the LL 152 inspection process.
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    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 14,473

    So with no required pressure test what are they looking for?

    hack work
    wrong materials etc
    lack of hangers
  • hydraulics
    hydraulics Member Posts: 3
    Painted gas pipes is not code violation .The only time you gonna have an issue is if you have to do any work on a painted gas piping then the inspector may ask for 90psi but only if the pipes are freshly painted.Painted gas piping do not effect ll152 .
  • hydraulics
    hydraulics Member Posts: 3
    We are looking for: missing seal at point of entry.     Illegal connections.                                                         Level 3&4 corrosion.                                                        Future tee's.                                                                     Illegal use of flexible hoses.                                           Leaks of course.                                                              Inproper supports.                                                           Missing or defective meter bars.                                  Defective appliances valves.                                          Undersized meters .                                                         Undersized  piping.                                                      WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANYTHING CAN GIVE US WORK.LOL                        
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,897
    So for the 90 PSI test, one would need access to all tenant units to isolate all the appliances, regulators and gas meters. And then get in again to relight any pilots and bleed air.

    This sounds challenging in a NYC apartment building....or not?

    Here in fly-over country, I might see only a 4-plex with NG.
  • hydraulics
    hydraulics Member Posts: 3
    Old pipes will never hold 90psi test.