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YCJD30S41S1A tons of issues

ukiltmybrutha Member Posts: 24

I am experiencing numerous issues with the subject outside unit. I'd like to bring up these issues one by one as to not get least it is cooling down here so time is on my side although it is going to be a hot one tomorrow.

First question:

1) I notice that the drain tube is just laying there just outside of the unit. I don't think that is correct. If that is not correct, could someone please tell me where it goes?



  • ukiltmybrutha
    ukiltmybrutha Member Posts: 24
    edited September 2020
    So I have a Diversitech CP-22 condensate pump coming off of my Inside unit's drain some 40 feet away. It has a clear tube at it's outlet. Is it possible condensate pump's outlet just happens to exit right at the A/C outside unit? Do outside units have drains? The tube is clear. None of my searches show a drain tube of any type coming off of an outside unit.
  • ukiltmybrutha
    ukiltmybrutha Member Posts: 24
    edited September 2020
    Second Question:

    I had a problem where the contactor would open and close every second after about 20 minutes of running.

    I replaced the contactor with a new one and the same thing happens.

    Now I am experiencing a new issue. After about 2 minutes of running, 24 VAC is no longer being applied to the contactor and the contactor opens back up. No more clacking just a complete and immediate open contactor circuit it seems.

    Turning the unit off for a while allows the outside unit compressor to turn on for a few minutes again until the same thing happens.

    I'd like to rule out everything besides a freon leak before handing the work over to a tech. I have had terrible experiences with techs here so I want to narrow the cause down to low freon with certainty.

    Please help.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 9,400
    The outside unit on a split system has no condensate drain.

    The compressor shutting down and restarting sound like a pressure switch or some other safety opening. Could be low on charge, could be a dirty condenser. Could be something else. You need to find whats shutting it down to find the problem. random parts changing doesn't work
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 3,441
    you can measure across each switch with a voltmeter with it running. when it is closed it will be nearly 0 vac, when it opens and shuts down the condenser it will be 24vac. you can figure out which device it is this way. if it is the high or low pressure switch, then you will need to make sure it isn't an airflow issue and if not, will need to find someone who can properly diagnose the sealed system.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 8,545
    What kind of thermostat do you have on this system?