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UEI C161

What are your thoughts on the C161. I have a TT PS 60 that at time gives me problems, right now it's a E-02 problem but to have a HVAC guy come out is about $150 and he'll argue with me that a propane boiler doesn't need a combustion check, so Supplyhouse nows sells an analyzer that doesn't need the sensor replaced . What are your thoughts?


  • icy78
    icy78 Member Posts: 397
    My first thought is that by removing an oxygen sensor, they removed the only constant.
    They are now calculating the only known, constant parameter.  That is, 02 at 20.9%.
    No good.

    My second thought is about the phrase "entry level". Hmm entry level safety tool ,read, life and death, tool.

  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,326
    Are you a h/o working on your own equipment?
    All fuel burning appliances need a combustion test. Any tech who tells you different is not a tech I'd want in my house.
    That analyzer is ok. There are others that are much better with field replaceable sensors.
    Just putting the analyzer in your flue pipe is only the starting point. For gas, measured gas pressure plus draft (where applicable) CO, temperature rise and so on allows the tech to properly tune your appliance for maximum efficiency and safety.
    And like @icy78 stated, O2 is the only constant, and it's important to the process.