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IBC SL14-115G3

kbisnett Member Posts: 12
Hi Heating Up Wall!

I've almost received all the components to install the new IBC Boiler.
I've ran a manual J on the house and as per my last post - the old 160K BTU boiler was grossly oversized.

I was just hoping that someone could give me a quick 'yay' or 'nay' on my design from below?
(Pss... I haven't drawn any fancy diagrams yet, but it's in my head)…

IBC SL14-115G3 Boiler
Caleffi SEP4 Separator 1"
1" Boiler Manifolds for Supply and Return.
Supply and Returns are 3/4.

2 Zones + Indirect
82 Feet of Baseboard Slant/Fin Emitters (Floor 1)
75 feet of Baseboard Slant/Fin Emitters (Floor 2)
Very short zone for Indirect Hot Water Tank (piped from the other side of the IBC)... is this OK? Any reason why I should pipe after SEP4. I was hoping to avoid the primary pump kicking on when heating hot water, hence my reason to leverage the other side of the IBC boiler. (Save $$ some pennies)

Water return:
Combo Valve
Backflow Preventer
Piped into the return side of the Caleffi SEP4 prior to circulator.
Primary Circ will be after the SEP4 on return line closest to boiler.

The only part that I am stuck on is the circulator pumps for Primary, Zone 1, Zone 2, and Indirect. I was thinking about Taco 007 ECMs for all. But would love any suggestions, I tried following calculations for Circulator pumps, but have not received a firm grasp on it.

Any thoughts? Sorry for the long winded post and appreciate all the guidance getting to this point! :-)