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Converting from gravity to pumped flow

HeatingHelp Posts: 366
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Converting from gravity to pumped flow
Here's a full day's work compressed into a couple of minutes, courtesy of our friend @JohnNY's Dropcam. Thanks, John!

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  • DCastle
    DCastle Member Posts: 15
    I'm enthralled seeing this video... It visually answers alot of my questions about how to Properly multi-task my new grvity conversion boiler system. I will be using Two boilers to split the heat load to get the maximum fuel savings as opposed to a single boiler' I love this video, but I wish it was slower; also I wish I had a closer view of certain elements. In the first part of the video; before the removal of the old boiler, to the left of the old boiler is what appears to be a Honeywell heat exchanger as described in Dan Holohans treatise "How Gravity Heating systems work" listed on this website. My "hats-off" to Dan for my initial inspiration, and I will be calling Gateway Plumbing & Heating for engineering my project... Thanks so much, Dale Wilson
  • dopey27177
    dopey27177 Member Posts: 433
    Think twice before you install two boilers to save money on fuel.
    To do a two boiler installation each boiler will need to 60% of the heat load.
    Why 60% of the heat load. should one boiler fail in the winter one boiler will carry enough
    of the load to load keep the house from freezing

    The second boiler will never get paid off in a reasonable amount of time
    to make it worth while to expend the money.

    I do not know what your expense for fuel is. But I would leave the gravity system in place, they are quiet and don't break down like mechanical systems.

    Further more if you have natural gas and fuel burners not a gun type burner I would
    install piezzo electric pilot, this will insure that in a power failure you will have heat.

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