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RIP buderus st150

hpaphpap Member Posts: 7
Installed Nov 2001, noticed discoloration yesterday, opened service hatch this morning and found a mess


  • hpaphpap Member Posts: 7
    Now here's a interesting happening I'd thought to share here.

    I first noticed the discoloration in the master bedroom bathroom on hot side of sinks and tub, but nothing in others bathroom's or kitchen.

    The master bedroom was addition circa 2004 and I used aqua pex for the project. The rest of house is plumbed in copper, house built in 2000.

    Why no discoloration from copper supplied sinks ??

  • HVACNUTHVACNUT Member Posts: 3,414
    What's your water quality?
    That's why the access cover and anoid rod are there. Was the tank inspected/cleaned at least bi annually?
    19 years isn't too bad, and it's not dead. No hole in the HX?
  • hpaphpap Member Posts: 7
    Started life for 5 years with South Jersey pinelands acid water

    Then city water came in

    I'll be honest

    It's first time I had open

    Next one will get better attention
  • hpaphpap Member Posts: 7
    No hole in exchanger

    But 19 years is a good run
  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 221
    Mine looks like a huge diving bell on three legs -- very heavy .. put them in around 94. One failed a few years ago the other is still going. I replaced it with the Buderus SS unit -- has the proper well for the sensor
  • hpaphpap Member Posts: 7
    Install of the new st2oo complete
    A new old stock st200
    I bought it back in 2005 to replace the st150 for better capacity for a whirlpool tub, never got Around to it lol.

    Completion celebrated appropriately with a rauchbier also from Germany

    Ok, a few rauchbier s !!

    I think the control card for the electronic anode rod failed, I turned the top around so I can monitor the green light.

  • HVACNUTHVACNUT Member Posts: 3,414
    I think you're the poster boy for Pro Press.
  • mattmia2mattmia2 Member Posts: 1,437
    The electronic anode could be doing its job and that is just iron and other minerals from the water. Might be fine for another decade or 2 with a good cleaning.
  • Big Ed_4Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 1,359
    Running at a high temperature more mineral come out of solution .. If not leaking I would just flush it out
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • hpaphpap Member Posts: 7
    The thermo glaze is all but gone in the tank

    Only glaze I found was outside the gasket on tank access cover

    I ordered extra anode rod and gasket s
    I LL def keep watch on it

    I'm getting to old for another change in 20 years lol
  • HenryHenry Member Posts: 968
    Does anybody read the instructions for hot water tanks? You have to flush the tank once a year. I discussed HWT failures with my friend who is a technical director for a a tank manufacturer due to insurance companies requiring tank replacement after 10 years. A hot water tank whether electric, gas or indirect depending on water quality will last over 20 years. My previous tank lasted from 1985 to 2014. I have now a HTP S/S modulating gas HWT that will outlast me and saves me over $300 in gas each year.
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