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Steam Trap Cage Units Best?

Ed. W.
Ed. W. Member Posts: 19
Its summer, time to replace Trap Cage Units. Does anyone have experience with Hoffman, Barnes & Jones, Tunstall, etc? Which one is the best? Long-lasting? Residential two pipe.


  • ted_p
    ted_p Member Posts: 64
    What type of traps do you have?
  • Ed. W.
    Ed. W. Member Posts: 19
    Hoffman 17C, Sarco H, Dunham, looking for the best quilty for the price, something that will last,
  • ted_p
    ted_p Member Posts: 64
    For the past 18 years I've been looking after a building with a 2-pipe vacuum system, which has about 250 radiators with 1/2" thermostatic traps. Over 95% of them are Dunham, and Mepco model 1E traps (Mepco was the successor to that part of Dunham's business), with a scattering of Hoffman, Barnes & Jones, and Armstrong traps making up the balance. My experience is that the Dunham/Mepco 1E discs are simple, rugged and significantly less expensive than any of the capsule or cage units in those other traps, and they last as long, if not longer.

    So for the Dunham traps, I'd suggest just putting new Mepco 1E disks in them.
  • dopey27177
    dopey27177 Member Posts: 433
    Ted P said it all.

    If your steam heating system operates with out banging (water hammer) and the maximum operating steam pressure does hot exceed two psig any manufacturers steam trap will last a long time, some have been known to last more than 10 years.

    The key to rebuilding any steam trap is to use OEM parts.
    I am not knocking generic parts makers, what I am saying is an OEM part fits perfectly into the trap body.

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