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Mixing Baseboard and a Panel Radiator on a small heating run

dsclaw88dsclaw88 Member Posts: 4
I just bought a gut job of a home and added a office and powder room for the future wife. Being as these rooms were take out of a single room (12x 14) the previous heating does not work for my new configuration. The powder room is a 4.5 x 5.5 foot room and according to my heat loss calculator requires 1800 btus. I plan on putting the panel radiator in this room. The office is (8 x 10 with 2 exterior walls requires about 4000 btus ) and I am planning on putting slantfin baseboard in the office. I am planning on putting about 15' feet of baseboard in the room along the exterior walls. Is the amount of heating area so small that I have to worry about combining these systems together, should I use a venturi system, or buy a manifold (which seems silly since its just for 2 circuits, although I might add a third when I do an extension


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 4,203
    I initially think you can put them on the same zone. But depending on the SWT 15' may be too much, or it may take enough heat out of the loop before you get to the powder room to make it work well.
    Are you sure about 1800 btu's for the PR? PR doesn't need to get as hot as a bathroom with a shower.
  • dsclaw88dsclaw88 Member Posts: 4
    You are correct I made a typo. According to the slant fin calculator the heat loss in that room is 1700 (it does have an exterior wall with window, and an exterior wall with the attached garage (which I am guessing slant fin is over estimating since that garage wall would be inherently warmer). So in actuality it probably needs less. However, I did notice that the I made a mistake on the BTUs in the office, it only requires 3000. P
  • mattmia2mattmia2 Member Posts: 1,425
    Couldn't you just tee them off the supply, supply them in parallel and put a balancing valve on each to give each emitter the flow it needs?
  • dsclaw88dsclaw88 Member Posts: 4

    I was thinking since it was such a short run, I would T off the radiator which has thermostatic valves and then probably now that I realize my typo, run 9' of baseboard along the outer wall with windows since that produces enough btus for the office. The run is so little I am not sure I even need to balance it.

  • dsclaw88dsclaw88 Member Posts: 4
    Anyone think running it in series would be an issue the radiator is aluminum and small at 16 inches wide by 25 inches tall, and the slant fin is only 10' now.
  • mattmia2mattmia2 Member Posts: 1,425
    The risk is one area overheats and the other area doesn't heat enough. if the fin tub is overheating then you can close the fin to reduce the output some. You can connect most panel rads with a valve with a built in adjustable bypass to cover that side of it. Could later add a trv to the panel rad if you need to throttle that down more if you have the bypass type valve on it.
  • HomerJSmithHomerJSmith Member Posts: 929
    edited July 14
    I have done that before. I put 2 flat panels in a baseboard loop. I used mono-flo tees on the flat panels. As they are above radiation supply, so I used only one tee on each. The flat panels had thermostatic valves on the input.
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