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Socket / Allen size for Barnes & Jones 122A

OatKingOatKing Member Posts: 18
What is the correct socket size for the 122A cap and Allen wrench size for the spud?

Using a micrometer I estimate 1 7/16" socket and 9/16" Allen, but I want to make sure before. I called the company and they have a special wrench for the cap, but i'd rather have a socket. Been down the road of picking the wrong tool for the job too many times. Thanks!


  • GordoGordo Member Posts: 729
    A 1-7/16" 6-point socket should do it. The special wrench B&J has is a reasonable "assembly" tool as it is only stamped metal, but to depend on it to get the cap off all the time without it being wrenched off beforehand and a bit of anti-seize used, is a bit much.
    I've found a bit too much variation in the cap sizes and B&J's wrench sizes. For example, I've had it where a particular B&J wrench is too small, I've filed it to fit a particular B&J cap, then it's too sloppy for other caps! I've got at least a half-dozen B&J wrenches around. I just grab a proper impact socket and have done.
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  • OatKingOatKing Member Posts: 18
    Thanks @Gordo! I'll get the socket on order.

    What do you use for the radiator spud? I noticed it's shaped for an Allen key.
  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,058
    I have removed many spuds. When I don't have something that will fit I get a piece of steel and grind it until it fits.

    I am sure the right wrench is better,

    It's just another option
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