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Mitsubishi mini-split thermostat/control question

TAGTAG Member Posts: 216
Decided best to install three single Mitsubshi units vs using any multi heads in my new house. I have previously used two 3 head systems in other houses. They all have the additional MHK1 thermostats -- installed just so I could get internet control. Other than the large single wall thermostat that are available to control all of them (not sure what value that adds in my case) -- is there any other way to go with controls? Mitsubishi should have Wifi control built in by now oldest system is pushing 5 years old.

Also -- does anybody know if the standard MHK1 has an internal thermostat? It seems you can have them with the MHK1 being the room sensor -- this would be better with the ceiling cassettes. With the wall unit I was told turning off the internal thermostat also eliminates the "eye' function (they think). The lack of information -- even from people that install many is unbelievable. Getting the sensor out of the ceiling unit itself would be useful in my older system

My new house will have all wall units with the eye. Internet control would be great because it's not a full time place.
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