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Suggestions for end of heating season maintenance?

My steam boiler was serviced back in the early fall. We had a great heating season with no issues. I regularly dumped the boiler to drain sludge and test the automatic cutoff. Anything suggestions for things that I should do at the end of the heating season?


  • motoguy128motoguy128 Member Posts: 102
    If you add any water After dumping, you should let it steam off to remove most of the dissolved oxygen.

    I like to raise the water level to the top of the sight glass. It creates a second water line, which is where a lot of corrosion occurs, so the primary line remains submerged all summer.

    I run my boiler for DHW on an indirect all summer. So adding water volume also reduces short cycling a little.
  • dopey27177dopey27177 Member Posts: 299
    motoguy got that one right. If you do not have a coil in the boiler or use the boiler for producing hot water by an indirect coil fill the boiler to the top heat the water to remove air from the water and let stand till the new heating season.


    PS I am a believer in using chemical treatment for the boiler.

    Typically the instructions call for chemical than needed.
    Start with half the amount recommended and use a pool test kit to measure the PH.

    PH should not exceed 9.5. If higher drain water out till Ph is OK.

    Typically in a small boiler that treatment will last the entire season if your system is reasonably tight.
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