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Indirect vent boiler & circ pumps?

guttafixit Member Posts: 8
Just wondering what are your thoughts on indirect vent boilers & which circ pumps?
I've helped a guy put in 3 Biasi oil fired boilers (chimney). So I know a "little" about them.
History of the house...
Built in 1890's. Solid house. 728 sq. ft. per floor. 2900 sq. ft. (I did not do room by room. I went from wall to wall. Then times it by 4. I would rather have over kill then under. And we had 2 heat pump heads installed on the 1st and 2nd floor. So the boiler won't be running a lot.
We have a chimney but needs to be lined. $$ This is why I'm thinking indirect vent.
Not sure how old the chimney is but my wife and I are thinking about removing it. Which I would do.
I am taking the walls (lath & plaster) down to the studs and spray foaming between the studs. 1" thick (Already bought the tanks) and then R13 insulation then sheet rock.
The house is a balloon framed. Which has zero insulation in the walls. They did put blown insulation in the attic.
4 floors. Basement (which will be sprayed foam walls when all done), Which I will use all 4 zones on the Sr504-4 that I just installed. 3rd floor I will change the pex out from 3/4" to 1". Ran about 130' of pex. Unless you guys think 3/4" would be fine.. My wife's office is up there and the other room is spare.
I want a boiler that will last 20 + years and of course keep it clean and doing maintenance every year...
I would like to stick with Biasi because that's what my buddy installs. He's a master plumber. He installs them but doesn't do wiring and firing because of the license. He has installed one indirect vent before but wasn't sure (good or bad) about it when I asked him.
I was thinking about these..
4 each Taco High Efficiency Circulator Pumps with Isolation Valve Flanges and with drain flanges . Not sure which model #'s?
B10? series boiler w/ a Riello oil burner. Would like to keep it under $2200.00 for the boiler. Then maybe a rebate? And then buy the venting for the boiler.
We want to piece this together so we only have to pay for labor when I help him install it. And it won't hurt so much in the wallet.. lol
Any help would be appreciated..
Thanks, Dan


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 10,235
    You have to do a heat loss of the house after you have done all the energy upgrades
  • guttafixit
    guttafixit Member Posts: 8
    edited April 2020

    You have to do a heat loss of the house after you have done all the energy upgrades

    I am insulating the living room/dining room and some of the basement in a couple months. We plan on doing 2 or 3 rooms a year. But want the new boiler next summer. I'll try this..
    Thanks... :smile: