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Bench Test Aquastat L7224U?

abro42abro42 Member Posts: 11
hi and hello

I have access to a new Aquastat L 7224U-1000 controller. Can I power up on the bench and ensure LED display readouts are consistent with literature? Sounds like applying 120VAC to L1 and L2 will power device.

Thoughts?? Best way to bench test?


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 4,134
    If it's new why do you have to bench test it? There are better aquastats with more features.
    You could power the device, jump out t-t and see if it's sending 120 from C1 & B1. But it won't tell you if the well sensor is working properly unless you stick it in a well, stick the well in a pot of water, heat it up, and check with a good working careful.
    Before I did all that, I would just install it and do those checks.
  • abro42abro42 Member Posts: 11
    Like your reply. Its extra work of coarse so will forgo doing what I was hoping to achieve. Plus sounds kinda dangerous as you memtioned.
    What aquastats can you recommend I investigate as a replacement for the Honeywell L7224U and has more features??

    thx...appreciate your help and experience.

  • SuperTechSuperTech Member Posts: 1,329
    The L7224U has pretty much all the features and capabilities that you can want from the aquastat. I have been using mine with the outdoor reset module for several years with no issues. The Hydrostat 3250 plus is another excellent option
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