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Anthonyd3 Member Posts: 2
I have a steam boiler in private house two family.
First time in many years can not find problem.
Called tech no solve also. Thanks ahead.
Slant fin. Lol. Ran low on oil. But did not need to bleed to start (unusual ). Ran for hr. Shut off. Changed filters nozzle. Then Tech came says fuel pump because it started then would fail after ten minutes. Hint : also changed wheel and coupling that looked brown and was making a grinding noise. Changed the fuel pump but still same problem. Tech says electric rods burnt out. Sets them next day. Week later boiler shuts off , reset switch and it works for a day makes heat hot water then shuts off.
When the clear cut motor finishes the clean there is a small puff of smoke on the initial ignition. All the time.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 12,024
    You need a qualified technician to set the burner up with combustion test equipment.

    Did he check for a plugged oil line?
  • Anthonyd3
    Anthonyd3 Member Posts: 2
    Well I thought the same but the bleeder shoots oil out strong. I am going to blow it out now. It a long line and maybe it is not a big clog and it slowly slips by when off and fills that line. If that line gets full again before I reset it will turn on and run till line empty. Long shot but trying
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,695
    You're wasting your time. You need a qualified tech, with the proper tools and training to solve your (probably simple) problem.
    "Then Tech came says fuel pump because it started then would fail after ten minutes. "
    Confirmed with pressure and vacuum gauge? Nope, just a guess.

    "Changed the fuel pump but still same problem. "
    Wasn't the pump.

    "Tech says electric rods burnt out."

    Strike two.

    It's probably your ignitor, but I would do the following:
    Make sure there is no vacuum leak.
    Check the fuel pump for proper pressure, vacuum, cut-off (for starters).
    Check for vacuum leak.
    Properly check your delay valve (if there is one)
    Properly check your transformer/ignitor, and all wire connections.
    Properly check your motor.
    Check for proper nozzle, check end cone, z-dimension.
    Set up burner to OEM spec.
    Do a full combustion test.
    That's about 20-45 minutes of diagnostics, 10 minutes of run time, then a few minutes for a combustion test.
    So for an hour, 1.5 hours of a competent tech's time, your problem should be solved.
    SuperTechdelta T
  • SuperTech
    SuperTech Member Posts: 1,792
    Steve is absolutely correct on this. Reading your description of the diagnostic work and the operation of the burner it sounds borderline dangerous. That system is definitely getting full of soot from the sound of things. Get a competent oil burner technician in there. Oil burner service really isn't that should be attempted DIY. It's not worth the risk to the system and residents of the house.
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,597
    Maybe I dont understand but it's a Clean Cut Pump and its smokes at Post Purge, Pre Purge, or Trial For Ignition?
    What make and model burner?
    What model primary?

    Maybe replace the brown fan again. You never know. 🙄

    Pro Time!!