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Energy Kinetics System 2000 Accel CS vs Resolute or Resolute RT

ceodice Member Posts: 2
Looking for opinions from anyone that has either of these units using natural gas, Also they claim nearly endless hot water. Has anyone run out of hot water?


  • SuperTech
    SuperTech Member Posts: 2,202
    @RonnieJ it sounds like you need to have a scale stopper installed for your plate heat exchanger. It's an Aqua Pure AP431. Energy Kinetics recommends this in installations where hard water is present, which is everywhere in my area. The scale stopper really takes care of the problem and keeps the hot water endless. I've never had anyone with an Energy Kinetics boiler complain of running out of hot water. Fantastic boilers in my opinion.
  • RonnieJ
    RonnieJ Member Posts: 46
    Thanks @SuperTech - I just checked the local water quality report - and sure enough, it's moderately hard to hard. I'll check out your suggestion!
    Energy Kinetics EK, Goodman GSXC72400, SpacePak ESP 2430J
  • SuperTech
    SuperTech Member Posts: 2,202
    Also don't forget to back flush the plate heat exchanger as well. I always do that as a part of regular maintenance.
  • GTPaPi
    GTPaPi Member Posts: 1
    Hi all, especially the pros and @Roger.  I stumbled upon this thread as I was searching for solutions to my hot water problem. I had a Resolute RT installed with the 40 gallon indirect tank last August and the installer has been troubleshooting the hot water running out too soon and not keeping up. He's been working  with EK customer service and this latest suggestion doesn't make much sense to me.  I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone has other suggestions. 
    I have 4 heating zones and hot water so the 5 zone energy manager is what is hooked up now. They told us to upgrade that to the manager with 16 zones I think, just so we can get another zone to help with the hot water by controlling a zone valve on the return side of the boiler.  I guess it will close the return to the boiler from the heating zones to keep the boiler on to heat the hot water?  Does that sound right?  I am by no means a professional but have some understanding of what's happening in the system and the energy manager which is why this seems weird to me. 

    Anyhow, what's happening is after 2 showers, the hot water runs out and it gets cold and it seems like the burner can't keep up.  We have felt that the hot water pipe going into the tank out of the exchanger is not that hot, we adjusted the ball valve b4 the circulator a little bit and it helped some but we still had the problem. It's well past the 11 o clock recommended. 

    Any ideas welcome. Thanks so much. 
  • Roger
    Roger Member Posts: 344
    Thank you, @GTPaPi .
    If you have large cast-iron radiation, and more than three zones, we might recommend a 15 zone manager to properly distribute the water through your heating system and control the production of hot water at the same time. I don’t have enough details on your job although that would make sense per your description.
    For reference, we don’t recommend a position like 11 o’clock on the domestic ball valve, the setting is based on the temperature while hot water is flowing out of a fixture. The setup instructions are on our website. 
    Please PM me with your contact information so I can get further details from our team and possibly from you as well.
    Other than that, you should have tons of hot water with a Resolute RT (about 4x as much as gas water heater), so I would check the shower flow rates with a 5 gallon bucket to make sure we’re not missing anything. 
    Energy Kinetics, Inc.