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Strange steam radiator connection

nate70500nate70500 Member Posts: 38
Came across this in a friend's house when replacing all the steam vents for him. It is a 1 pipe steam system. My only thought was someone didn't want to move the radiator over and just used what they had to make the connections. Was there a purpose for this at one time? Any idea why this would have 3 valves?


  • FredFred Member Posts: 8,374
    edited March 7
    It likely had another radiator that went up to a second floor or something above. One valve was the main supply, the valve closest to the radiator opened and shut steam supply to that radiator and the valve in the middle opened and closed steam supply to the radiator above. Probably done when they realized that steam supply wasn't big enough to provide steam to both radiators at the same time. Close one, open the other depending on which room you needed heat.
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