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Air Vents on Hydronic Ceiling Heat

JWE551982 Member Posts: 16
I have recently noticed that the air bleeders on my system don't seem to be working like they used to. I used to get a trickle of water occasionally out of the pipe that is attached to all 5 bleeders in the attic that runs down to the boiler room and goes into the floor drain. As of late I have not seen any water from time to time from the pipe, and can hear a bit of air going through the lines when the circulator is running, having to go up and manuall bleed each zone is def a pain....any suggestions on a alternative to the attached pic of the bleeders that are on my system, I believe they are hoffmans??


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,102
    Once the system is bled of air you should not have to do it very often.
    You could remove the vent, connect that existing copper directly where the vent was. Then in the basement put a valve on the copper to bleed air down there as needed.
    I have done this and it works well, no attic trips.

    What do you have near the boiler for air elimination and what type of expansion tank.
    Pictures would be great.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,467
    Does it ever freeze up there? It may be time to replace the vents if you really need them. A manual vent is also an option.
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  • JWE551982
    JWE551982 Member Posts: 16
    I'm not home to get pics right now but there is a bleeder on the boiler (small type with fitting you can adjust how much or little air comes out) where the pipe comes out of the top and goes up to the expansion tank in the attic, it is the older non bladder tank it's huge though prob a 75 gal or so.
  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 2,714
    what's the boiler pressure?
    I'm thinking you're not feeding and there's not enough static in the attic.
    pictures of the boiler feed also , , ,
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  • JWE551982
    JWE551982 Member Posts: 16
    Pressure is 13-14lbs single level ranch house built 1950, this heating system was designed by Crane Plumbing. It uses radiant baseboard type of a setup but it is in a sub area between the ceiling plaster board and joists, where you see the insulation over the top, plus a crawlspace loop that runs around the perimeter up against the concrete floor.