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Where to check draft on this

Northupthere Member Posts: 35
edited February 2020 in THE MAIN WALL
There is a glass and plate and a brass bolt with what looks to be a flathead inner.


The boiler didn’t have a front panel when I moved in I think the oil guy said it’s German if this helps


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,832
    Make and model of boiler?

    Make and model of burner?
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  • Northupthere
    Northupthere Member Posts: 35
    The oil guy said it is likely a Buederus 115 and the burner is a Reilo 40. He was able to test the combustion. He didn't want to remove the glass for draft in case it broke.

    86.5% eff.
    10.50 dioxide
    6.9 oxygen
    draft in the exhaust us .01 or .02
    Carbon monoxide is 10ppm
    excess air is 40
  • Northupthere
    Northupthere Member Posts: 35
    edited February 2020
    There was also a bike tire pump looking device that he put in the exhaust and the paper was white he said there wasn't any soot or smoke
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,829
    edited February 2020
    That last one is a smoke test pump. Glad to know it was used. 0 smoke only on the paper. No trace. No brown marks. No moisture. 0.0. Like Bluto's GPA.

    The brass bung is for the over fire draft test. Loosen the screw, connect manometer. I believe Buderus wants 0 to slight positive on the G115.

    The glass isn't even needed and I'm surprised Buderus still uses it. It is a little fragile. The one one the G215 is round and a lot thicker.

    There should be a matching front cover that slides on top and a screw on each side.

    Edit: In another thread, why are you replacing the oil filter and bleeding the pump if you had a qualified tech on site in this thread. I'm so confused.
  • Northupthere
    Northupthere Member Posts: 35
    I bought the house in a foreclosure sale I didn’t find the front cover in the house. Must have taken it for a souvenir. He did mention that a hose can go over the brass nipple to check draft but he didn’t have one and he said the exhaust draft and other readings looked good.
  • Northupthere
    Northupthere Member Posts: 35
    The flame looks ok no? The window must be useful for having a look sometimes but I’m not sure why it’s there either