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Burner leaking black smoke

mikos Member Posts: 6
I have oil burner, when I fire it, it starts to leak black smoke in place where burner is placed on boiler. There is also lot of smoke coming out of chimney, and burner shaked at start.
During this, burner consumed more fuel, but couldn't reach target pressure.

I opened air intake valve to 3 out of 8 (was 1.5), and after hour it starts to work normally. All of this happened again tomorrow, even with opened air intake valve.
Burner is pretty new (less than 70 working hours).

Anyone knows what could cause this?



    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,765
    Is this a joke? Is it April Fools Day near you?
    You need to please turn off the boiler and the oil supply and call a professional who's experienced with your boiler and burner.
    Heck, if he or she agrees to it, video the whole repair and combustion test. We would love to know more about the boiler and burner. We don't see these in the States. Looks like a Riello burner.
    There's a recent thread here on the General Electric downfired oil boiler. Cool stuff.
    So place a call to an experienced technician and have it fixed right, and safe.
    And then I want to play with it for a hour or so. Vrmm vrmm.
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,646
    Looks like an Asian boiler from the writing. Condensing downward fired oil I'd guess.

    Turn that off before it soots itself closed! It looks pretty neat though.
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  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 2,671
    how about a picture of the exhaust vent?
    known to beat dead horses
  • Grallert
    Grallert Member Posts: 638
    Boy I hate to imagine what that looks like inside. I seem to recall the GEs suffered when the oil valve failed. That's an interesting boiler there I'd like to see more.
    Miss Hall's School service mechanic, greenhouse manager,teacher and dog walker
  • mikos
    mikos Member Posts: 6
    No, it is not April Fools Day here, but yes I searched for technician immediately but the main problem is that it is damn tough to get pro guy here, at least in next couple of months.. so I'm on my own here and I need it to run my brewery on this boiler..

    It is Riello burner on Asian boiler.

    Manufacturer is mentioning that injection nozzle of the burner is a blocked, so I need to clean it.. not sure where is it located, so I asked for more help from him.
    Any have other suggestion?
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,765
    I got nuthin'. Legal or otherwise.
    Where are you located?
    Can you post the model and serial number of burner and boiler?
    No installation/operating manual around?
    Still needs professional service though.
    I dont know if anyone here has even seen that boiler, other than at a trade show.

    So whatcha brewin'?
  • Grallert
    Grallert Member Posts: 638
    You should be able to find a break down of that burner and specs for its parts and operation. The real issue is that you need some specific tools to set it up properly, You need a combustion analyzer to make any changes to any part or the results could be catastrophic. Making air changes with out knowing exactly what's going on is dangerous. Can you get a hold of the people you got the boiler and burner from?
    Miss Hall's School service mechanic, greenhouse manager,teacher and dog walker
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,353
    Call the boiler mfg and tell them you need a service tech. Maybe they can put pressure on someone to get over their. They sold it they must have some type of service available