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Riello RLS Oil Burner

I have Riello RLS 100 dual fuel burner, operating on oil.
I am getting intermittent lockout prior to ignition, indicated by the "downward" facing arrow on the LFL burner control
I feel the issue is being caused by an air damper servo motor end switch not supplying voltage at the correct time after pre-purge, and prior to ignition.
I can measure the current from the flame detector and am confident that the lockout is not being caused by the flame detector "seeing" light during the pre-purge cycyle

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,510

    I haven't tangled with one of those in a while and I hate LFL controls, there pretty reliable but difficult to troubleshoot.

    If I recall the minimum flame current is 60 microamps according to the book. I found that to be deceiving and found if I couldn't get 115ish with a steady signal I would get lockouts.

    As far as the servomotor goes you can get lockouts if the end switch is out of sync.

    We had a lot of issues on gas if the gast train is any distance from the burner the gas couldn't get to the burner in time and it would lockout.

    As far as the end switch goes their are all kinds of cams in the servo motor you can adjust. I tried to avoid that. Maybe you can get a meter on the servomotor contacts to see what is going on.......they are not the easiest thing to work on.
  • Camel
    Camel Member Posts: 2
    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for responding. I have 2 of these RLS's doing the same thing.
    I'm getting the same voltage readings from all the cam switches.

    So I'm torn, as I don't have any other burner in our system to compare to.

    I was hoping it was going to something easy like extraneous light, or something like a flame detector, I've swapped those from burner to burner, similar to the LFL, no difference.

    I'm having a tough time thinking the exact same issue has happened with both burners within a month, they are less than 2 years old.

    Servo motor is $2000 CDN, seems like an expensive gamble, and I'm not feeling very lucky.