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No hot water unless I turn furnace off and on

Hi, I have a Smith 8 Series S / W 4 boiler with a TAC Erie SR 301 3 zone control. It is set in the Priority Plus mode. Zone 1 is floor heating and is attached to a TACO SR 501 Relay switch for the Zone 1 circulator.

The problem I’m having is that a lot of times we turn on the shower or faucets and get no hot water or just very luke warm.

I opened the aquastat on the hot water tank, disconnected the red wire and then tried manually connecting it a couple of times. There was no response from the boiler control.

Then I turned the boiler off and on again and manually connected the aquastat wire again. This time there was an audible click from the TAC Erie control and after a couple of seconds I heard the boiler kick in and a while later we had hot water again. This keeps repeating itself. The control seems to not listen to the call of the aquastat unless I power cycle the control.

Second problem which might be unrelated, but I’m not sure if, is that the floor heat does not seem to be working. I can see the zone 1 led red on both the SR301 control and the TACO 501 relay switch, but it’s not getting hot, only at the very start of the pipe to the floor heat. So I’m thinking maybe the circulator is not actually working?

Considering the call for heat for zone 1 would stay on longer than 60 minutes, that zone would then be disabled by the Priority Plus setting if I read the manual correctly.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Links to the manuals:


http://s3.supplyhouse.com/product_files/SR601 - Product Overview.pdf


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,517
    I would disconnect the aquastat from the Erie control panel and put a temporary jumper in it's place at the erie control. It should start the circulator that pumps through the water tank and also fire the burner (unless the boiler is up to temp and off on high limit)

    If the erie control is go it should pull in and drop out every time you remove or install the jumper.

    Then reconnect the aquastat wire to the erie control. When you turn the aqustat above tank temp the burner and the circulator should start, below tank temp it should go off.

    Try this first