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Bled radiator last night….no heating this morning!

Heating system was making some funny noises, noticed that one of the rads upstairs was cold 1/2 way up. I bled it and let out loads of air – the rad heated up ok straight away.

This morning the house is ice cold. :#

Checked the control and the heating says it on, turned water and heating off, switched heating only on a I can hear the pump start but nothing to any rads.
Its not a new system, prolly around 15 years old when the house was built.
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  • Tom_133Tom_133 Posts: 668Member
    What’s your psi? You should have at least 10 or so in there.
    Montpelier Vt
  • icy78icy78 Posts: 315Member
    Guessing that your system pressure dropped. And you don't have a fill system , (or it's a manual one, ) and you pulled air in through vents somewhere. This would mean that you most likely have a leak. Or the expansion tank failed, And with no automatic make up, your system pressure would drop. So the pump wont circulate water because you're air locked.
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