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System 2000 ek1, do i have an issue?

evan2020 Member Posts: 3
Hello all,
about two weeks ago i had an oil fired system 2000 ek1 installed in my home to replace the original boiler, 4 heating zones plus hot water. i noticed yesterday that the cirulator pump seems to run continuously even when there is no call for heat and no zone valves open. Additionally, the boiler never seems to cool, the lowest i have seen the temperature gauge is 160 degrees F. It seems like at all times i check the boiler, the blue power light and green circulator light are illuminated on the manager and the circulator is running. I read the manual and wasn't able to find a scenario where the circulator would be running, with no zone valves open, so my question for the EK people on here is, do i have an issue or is this a normal operation.
I watched a full cycle this afternoon and recorded the timing below. To me it seems as though the manager is not functioning properly in that it is not keeping the last zone valve open during the purge( all zones are set to 20min purge).
Outdoor temp 37* overcast
2:50pm- No call for heat, heat manager displays blue power light, and green light next to "circulator". Circulator is running, and no zone valves are open. All 5 zone supply pipes are cool to touch after the zone valves. Temp gauge reads 165 degrees.
2:56pm- Call for heat in zone 3. T3 and Z3 lights illuminate, burner light illuminates, burner ignites.
2:56pm -Call for heat in zone 2. T2 and T3 lights illuminate.
3:04pm- Burner shuts off, temp gauge reads 190 degrees, return temp 176 degrees.
3:08pm- Zone 2 satisfied, T2 and Z2 lights shut off simultaneously.
3:14pm- Burner turns back on, boiler temp 165 degrees, both t3 and z3 lights still on.
3:16pm- T3 light shuts off followed immediately by Z3 light burner shuts down and zone 3 valve closes. Now no zones are open, and the only lights illuminated on manager are blue power and green circulator. Circulator continues to run, temp gauge reads 180degrees. Display on manager reads “system purging 180* rtn. temp”
3:45pm- circulator still running, there have been no calls for heat, temp-175degrees


  • Roger
    Roger Member Posts: 333
    Thank you for your question, @evan2020 .

    What you describe is can happen if you have a chattering thermostat. The call comes and goes away quickly and so the circulator would keep running before the zone valve has a chance to open. This will also preempt any other zones from purging.

    If you cycle power now, you may see the circulator light on without a thermostat call. That’s because the thermostat cycles so quickly, but you have to catch the faulty thermostat in the act.

    You or your heating professional should be able to find out which zone it is by disconnecting one thermostat wire (T1 for example) at a time and then cycling the power to see if the symptom goes away. If the circ light does not come on without a call, it’s that zone (in other words, it’s the zone that causes the circle light to come on when it looks like the thermostat is not calling). Of course that depends on how frequently that thermostat is chattering/cycling so you can catch it in the act.

    It may also be a power stealing thermostat like a NEST, although I feel that is less likely based on your description and how the power stealing mode usually operates.

    We can help further if additional assistance is required, or it turns out that my diagnosis didn’t prove out.

    Energy Kinetics, Inc.
    Erin Holohan Haskellrick in AlaskaJellis
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,544
    Remarkable service! Thanks, Roger.
    Retired and loving it.
    SuperTechErin Holohan Haskell
  • Roger
    Roger Member Posts: 333
    You’re welcome - our team and I are glad to help! The information seems to fit a chattering thermostat or possibly a loose thermostat wire, I’m interested to see the follow up.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Energy Kinetics, Inc.
    SuperTechErin Holohan HaskellJellis