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Pex through metal screed key

onemoosehornonemoosehorn Posts: 5Member
edited January 24 in Radiant Heating
I’m about to layout my pex for radiant heat in my basement and my contractor decided not to saw cut for expansion joints after the pour. Instead they are using 3.5” metal expansion joints which have knockouts for Pex to run through. Do I need to try to sleeve the holes to protect the Pex? Or run the Pex under the metal? It will be zip tied to the wire mesh. I’m worried that being tied to the wire mesh and then having to come up 2” to run through the metal and then getting zip tied back down to the mesh could damage the Pex.


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 3,844Member
    I'd go under. What good are holes in the expansion joint if the 2 pieces of concrete move (lift or fall)?
    Seems to me it would pinch or worse, sheer the pex.
  • onemoosehornonemoosehorn Posts: 5Member
    Thanks. What I planned on.
  • GroundUpGroundUp Posts: 815Member
    Come up 2"? The mesh should be in the center of the pour, not the bottom. I haven't seen these expansion joints you speak of, but sure odd they'd put the holes for the pex at the surface
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