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Humidifier installation

zepfan Member Posts: 314
We have a customer that is in need of a humidifier, and their below pictured air handler is installed in a closet where the return air is drawn through the louvered door to the closet The air handler sits on a base box above the water heater. The box is just tall enough for the air filter, no where near enough room to mount a humidifier. I was thinking of mounting a bypass unit directly on the side of the air handler, right above the coil. This is still return air, and then I would run the bypass duct to the top of the unit, and use a square to round to make the connection. Has anyone done this before, and do they have any thoughts on this type of install? I have installed plenary of humidifiers, but not with this type of setup. Thanks to all.


  • motoguy128
    motoguy128 Member Posts: 351
    Humidifier air ideally returns before the air filter. The bypass type disperse a lot of fine dust from evaporated salts. Might not be a big issue. The coil worms flush it off in the summer.

    I think your idea will work. Not ideal but little equipment closets suck. What are you going to do.
  • mel57
    mel57 Member Posts: 4
    Have never mounted the unit directly on the air handler. Usually, we mount it remotely on a box and run a duct from the box to the side of the air handler. The concern is the amount of pressure drop through the a/c coil, verses the humid pad. Pulling water off the pad and into the blower.
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