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Boiler knocking

Lately we have been having issues with cast iron 180 deg. Boilers knocking. We have done the basics from adding Fernox products, and flushing boiler with vinegar. Fernox has worked well except in 1, a 15-year-old cast iron slant fin. It started about a year ago. We can not get it to stop after trying Fernox and circulating vinegar only through boiler. Any suggestions?


  • HomerJSmithHomerJSmith Member Posts: 929
    edited January 3
    What do you mean by knocking? How long does the knocking last? What part of the heating cycle is the knocking most prominent? Is it a SlantFin Galaxy? What does the Tridicator say, pressure and temperature, when this is knocking? Have you isolated the knocking to some part of the system or boiler?
    Sorry knocking! entire time burner is on. 180 deg. 20# psi boiler. my guess is full of lime? we have ran Fernox f2 silencer in it 2 times, lasts for a while. Ran vinegar circulating in boiler only. Works for a while. Any other chemicals you guys suggest?
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