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Carlin EZ-Pro Sometimes Runs with no Flame

hi and hello:

controls on my Buderus are app 10 years old, maybe more and I inherited a Buderus boiler G-115-4 w/ a house that has radiant heating. I know the Accustat needs toi be replaced (10-15 deg off) but I don't understand why sometimes boiler is ON with no flame. For the most part Carlin "clicks",waits app 15 secs, and fires so flame is ON as viewed thru site hole. No flame condition observed when request for heat from TSAT, boiler temp at 125 deg (HI=170, HId=20, LL=OFF, cold start configuration), click, 15 sec interval, and NO flame.....dah!!!!!!. Power off system, wait, call for heat and all is OK....dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What diagnostics may I used on the Carlin integrated w/ WIFI so I can monitor? Local tech says not to worry and WIFI a waste of money. Also says ODR not needed...dah!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....which I plan to install shortly for other reasons not associated w/ Carlin.

Thx...great forum, lots of help, very much appreciated. recommendations for WIFI access most need as we leave for FL next week. Time crunch as you can see.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    Is this gas or oil, I'm guessing gas power venter? No wifi stat will monitor the burner, it may only tell you that a call for heat was initiated and the house hasn't heated up (based on the parameters you set).
    Are you sure it's actually running without a flame?
    If it does run without firing, and doesn't lock off on safety, you have a very serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately-like shut off your burner now.
  • abro42
    abro42 Member Posts: 12
    Thx for the reply. My boiler is oil fired. Yes a very serious issue with no flame. I will explore asap and ley you know the results.