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Manifold replacement

Hello all...

I'm in the NYC area, and am looking to have my wirsbo manifold replaced with a newer version. It looks like they were installed upside down so the valve pins are pointed downwards. The valve pins either get stuck in the open or closed position. Some zones get extremely hot or no heat at all. I currently have an 8 zone manifold. To make a long story short, I would like to install a newer 8 zone manifold, which would be split into 4 zones controlled by 4 thermostats. Any recommendations for the best manifold. And how much would it cost to install?


  • Jolly Bodger
    Jolly Bodger Member Posts: 209
    We do not discuss price here.
    I just installed 6 BlueFin manifolds. They can be fit with actuators for every loop. This would provide the zoning you desire. I have not had them long so I can't say how they will hold up but they look as good as anything else.
    You might be able to fit new parts on your manifold instead of replacing the whole thing.
  • SugarRay900
    SugarRay900 Member Posts: 2
    That was my first choice. I checked the internet for the part, but all shops have it listed as discontinued.

  • GroundUp
    GroundUp Member Posts: 1,401
    I'm a pretty big fan of the Cross brand manifolds for multiple small zones like this. I never really cared much for actuators, seems like they're always trouble so my theme was always separate manifolds for each zone. Since Cross came out, I've done a number of them and am very thrilled. So is my electrician