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Lochinvar Noble - Parts

JimPAJimPA Member Posts: 2
Hey everyone. I am new to the forum but I am extremely frustrated and though someone could potentially answer my questions.

A month ago I had a Lochinvar Noble NKC199N installed and it performed well until Saturday morning. At some point during the morning I realized that I no longer had hot water. I walked to the basement and found that there was a "Lockout Fan Speed" error on the display. I contacted the contractor who installed it and he asked me to manually reset the boiler. I did so and the same error occurred. I should have mentioned that I previously checked to make sure there was no debris in the intake/exhaust and they were clear. At any rate the service guy stopped and determined it was the blower and he had to order the part. Sunday goes by (I kind of figured that) and Monday he finally got back to me at about 1PM and said he had to order the part (I was going to drive 2 hours to pick it up because he was on a service call) and he called me on my way and said there was a mistake the part wasnt at the distributor it was at Lochinvar. He said he would have it shipped overnight. No blower/fan yesterday, no blower fan today. The service guy calls and said it wasnt shipped until 8AM this morning. 5 days of no heat/hot water (young kids and wife at home).

Are these parts really this hard to come by? I cant believe that someone within a few hours radius wouldnt have one of these in stock. I was going to try to find some other Lochinvar service guys in the area to see if they potentially had one but there werent many on the website. Its a warranty thing and I didnt know if someone other than the service guy I had install it could make the repair. Anyone have any info on these parts or am I getting jerked around here?




  • DZoroDZoro Member Posts: 1,035
    Shame on your contractors supplier.
    But some blame must also be put on the contractor, they should have parts also.
    I have been selling and installing those since they came out. BUT before I agreed to do so, I checked my suppliers web page to make sure they had parts. They did, and so then I purchased and have on my shelf all the parts for that boiler.
    I do have to say have never come across that code. There are 2 molexes (wiring connectors) on that fan, double check to make sure they both are plugged in fully.
  • JimPAJimPA Member Posts: 2
    I did check the voltage to the motor and it is present and both connectors are plugged in fully. My service guy said he never had a fan fail in these but I did find a technical service bulletin that addressed some fan issues in the knight/noble line of combis. Hopefully the part will be here early today and it can be installed (hoping that something else isnt wrong and I need to wait another week for another part).


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