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Triangle tube just turning off??

CBRobCBRob Member Posts: 179
Finally got some snow to melt. Went to check on the system today and it had simply turned off. No errors or lockouts recorded just turned off.

Got it turned back on and was scrolling through the home screen with the right arrow button and managed to just get it to turn off again. No ACV display just blank screen. Turned it off turned it back on nothing disconnected power reconnected power and then it came back on.

I've been reading my manual and we'll go back tomorrow and check some possible errors that may have come up or been recorded.

It does not seem to get the same kind of errors that the manual said should be displayed.


  • CBRobCBRob Member Posts: 179
    I decide to go have another look. I pulled up the lockout history and the only thing that shows is me messing with it this afternoon trying to purge out any air bubbles by closing off the secondary loop. Error called sensor drift
    It's running well now, snow is melting.
  • CBRobCBRob Member Posts: 179
    edited November 2019
    Playing catch up on about 8in of snow
  • DZoroDZoro Member Posts: 1,035
    When it turned off, did your snow melt controller have power?
    During off cycles the display on the boiler will go to sleep. But it should light up when buttons are pressed.
  • CBRobCBRob Member Posts: 179
    The tekmar was on and calling for heat.
    The tekmar controls the secondary loop circulation pump and it was running.
  • CBRobCBRob Member Posts: 179
    I went up and checked on it this morning and it was running great, melting snow all night.
    I was scrolling through the information menu, hitting the down arrow to look at supply temp return temp boiler demand that kind of thing and it just randomly shut off while doing that. It restarted on its own.
    It's a weird glitch in there
  • DZoroDZoro Member Posts: 1,035
    That's strange, may just want to disconnect a reconnect all the connectors. Double check line voltage wire nuts, ect…
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