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Weil McClane hot water tank life expectancy plus advice how to isolate tank

scott w.
scott w. Member Posts: 209
How long do the Weil McClane hot water tanks usually last. My tank was installed Oct. 2004 and I think it has developed a leak. I have for the last few days heard a drip, drip, drip when the heat dial is turned up. Then ssplisssssssshhhh sound like the water drip is hitting something hot.

Tonight I noticed the pressure on the boiler system dropped from 18 pounds of pressure to 15. ( I have a three story house) When I turned on the fill valve for the boiler I heard a spray of water sound from inside the hot water tank, it stopped when I turned off the fill valve.

Is this for a usual for a tank to go bad in 15 years??? These tanks are way more money than a regular gas fired hot water tank and way more expensive to install. Are the boiler integrated hot water tanks really worth it. Is there much energy savings with this set up to make it worth the expensive price and install????

Am leaving for several months, so no time to repair in the next day or two.

1. Can I isolate the hot water tank from the boiler system by turning off the supply and return valve from the primary loop? Pump to the hot water tank has a brass fitting which an allen wrench fits in. I assume this is to shut the water circulation off to that pump. Have a ball valve on the other line to the hot water tank. Not sure which is supply and which is the return.

2. Is it OK to just turn the heat for the tank down to the very coldest setting? I can't find any other control other than the dial on top of the tank.

3. Could I have shortened the life of the tank when leaving for the past winters by turning the heat on the water tank down to lowest possible setting and then turning off the water to the whole house??????

Much appreciated for any help here.....can't get an appointment from my usual repair folks.


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,865
    Is this a Smart Tank? The sensor wells are pretty long and do tend to leak. Try to pull the capillary and see if theres water in the well.