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Crown Boiler AWI095 loses water pressure



  • ttucci215
    ttucci215 Member Posts: 0
    Ok I know I'm late to the post. Just throwing up a hail mary here. I also live in philadelphia. I just purchased my first home. I have no clue what I'm doing. It's a hot water baseboard heat with a crown boiler and old steel expansion tank no bladder. When I got in the house there was water leaking from the pressure relief valve at about a gallon every 24 hours. Pressure was around 15lbs and everything worked fine just leaked like a sieve. The water valve to fill the system I believe is automatic and was left open so I figured it was that and needed to be shut. I shut that and drained most of the water from the tank. Then I ran a hose and attempt to bleed the system of air I didn't see any bubbles really and filled it back up. I have everything on auto fill shut. Everything is working fine all baseboards have heat. But my pressure is now down to about 3-5lbs. I'm so lost with this looking for any help I can get. Thanks in advance. 
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,782
    Open the water feeder to get the pressure up to 12-15 PSI. Then shut it off.
    If you drained the system the compression tank should end up with about 1/3 air in the top of it.

    If your relief valve is still dripping, (do not do this if super freezing weather) you can open it for flushing, lift the lever get a good flow, a few gallons, and then let it snap shut. This might take a couple of times to flush to reseat. Refill to bring back up to pressure. If you can not flush it enough to stop the dripping then it will need to be replaced.
    To change the valve, the system will have to be drained down, the replacement must be a similar 30 PSI valve. Nothing higher than 30.

    If you bleed air out of anywhere (intentionally or otherwise) you will need to add water to get the 12 PSI again.
  • psb75
    psb75 Member Posts: 730
    Put in a backflow preventer. There is a pretty good reason that pressure reducing fill valves are sold with a BFP as a PAIR. Maybe just buy a new pair and put it in. The fill valve will be factory set at 12-14 p.s.i.
    Also put in a properly sized expansion tank for your system. Check the air pressure of that and set it at 14 psi. if it is different than that, when you install it. Also check your ENTIRE system for any small leaks. "Gurgling" implies that there is air in your system. Air implies that "water has left the system" and gotten replaced with air. Air or water leaving the system will lower the pressure. You should have proper air elimination that lets any air out.