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Rennai EX22CTA

Spark949_Spark949_ Member Posts: 8
edited November 2019 in Gas Heating
I will be installing a Rennai gas direct vent wall heater. The thru the wall vent wants a 3 1/8 hole. Exterior is vinyl siding. It doesn't come with an exterior wall shield and Im not wild about screwing it right to the siding. I could use a vinyl mounting block...but it's vinyl...What else could i use? The direct vent exterior shields Ive used on the gas fireplaces were metal and had a 6 or 8 inch hole, much too big for the 3 inch vent. Any I wrong to be concerned?

Here are installation instructions:, EX22CT (434FTA, 559FTA) Installation and Operation Manual.pdf?_ga=2.107026370.1599550914.1573051541-1564110291.1572883760

Cut and paste all the above


  • rick in Alaskarick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,082
    The Rinnai vent is a pipe in a pipe design where the inlet air is on the outside of the exhaust pipe, which keeps the pipe cool. It is designed and approved to be installed that way, and doesn't cause any issues.
    I wouldn't worry about about it at all. There are a lot of them up here and they work well.
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