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Steam boiler constantly cycling

dtagz Member Posts: 2
I have a Burnam steam boiler (4 years old) ever since installation, it constantly cycles.
I noticed that the water was jumping in the sight glass. It starts about 3/4 to 4/5 full, fires up, but then the water level jumps and slowly drops to the point where it triggers the low water cutoff. (This takes maybe a minute.) Once it shuts off, the water level returns and then the boiler fires up again. It continues in this constantly.

What can i do to stop it?


    STEAM DOCTOR Member Posts: 1,564
    Post pictures. Might be piping issue. Might also need a good skim.
  • dtagz
    dtagz Member Posts: 2

  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 2,096
    A lot going on there,
    I see your pressure gage is up over 10 psi,
    that's no good. should be no higher than 2, closer to 1 is better, but hard to tell on the mandated 0-30. consider adding a 0-3.
    when the boiler is off a while, does the gage ever get to zero?
    either the gage or the boiler port is plugged, or gage is bad,
    or, if it does drop,
    then when was the Ptrol pigtail checked and cleaned last, including the boiler port it is on ?
    Need to see low pressure, ~1psi, or less.
    If you are up at 10psi, you are pushing all the water out of the boiler, ie Low water,
    are rads or vents spitting ?
    banging ? water hammer ?

    The low water cutoff is showing, all lights off, green light on, and both lights lit(indicating low water), while the sight glass looks to be at an appropriate level, but dirty water.
    If you drain a little water does the sight glass level drop?
    it should, or it's ports or valves are clogged or shut,
    When that red light is on, the burner stops, correct ? it should.

    can we see another angle of the piping above the boiler?
    boiler up to the ceiling,

    any skim port? (picture?)
    could replace the 90 and add a tee at the Ptrol, then skim there.
    and/or when boiler is cool, drain the whole thing, and refill with clean water,
    you may need to do both.

    known to beat dead horses
  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,540
    The boiler needs a good long skim. That probably was not done when the boiler was installed. If it was, not for long enough. I'm also guessing that 0-30 PSI gauge is stuck on 10. Put a 0-3 PSI gauge on the boiler so you can see what is really happening and check the pigtail that the Pressuretrol is mounted on to make sure it is not clogged (I bet it is). Skim, Skim, Skim!