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Taco HotLinkPlus-e recirculation system question - 2

nahmnahm Member Posts: 4
How effective would a Taco HotLinkPlus-e recirculation sytem in pulse mode just 5 minutes on/10 minutes off all day/all night mode be in preventing pipes from freezing?


  • Jean-David BeyerJean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,656
    I am just a homeowner that just had that system installed. I also have a hot water pipe in an exterior wall that has frozen twice. I would have to remove kitchen cabinets and most of the inside wall to insulate it better.

    I think it would work just fine, since my local weather forecasts have always told me when this was likely to happen at least 12 hours in advance. I cannot imagine if it put 120F water in the pipes for five minutes, that it would cool down to the freezing point, or a little below, in less than 10 minutes. Heating design temperature around here is 14F, but it goes down to 10F fairly frequently for a few hours some nights. This does not freeze that pipe. But when it goes down below 4F, it can. It has done that only twice since 2009.

    The only question I have is that if I put the SmartPlug into pulse mode, does it retain the program it made in smart mode, or must it spend a week re-establishing its settings when I switch back.
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