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Burnham High Effeciency Boiler Choices

smalcomesmalcome Member Posts: 1
I'm looking to upgrade my 30-40+ year old gas boiler for my hot water baseboard system in my single floor ranch in Massachusetts. There are 3 zones, and I want to add a 4th (indirect HTP 45 gallon water heater)- as well as about 150 feet of baseboards. It seems like every inch of wall has a baseboard!

Anyway, I do already have a professional pricing up the replacement with a Burnham Alpine boiler- it's a unit i'm familiar with because it was at my last place. But I've been unable to find any specifics on the whole Burnham line of high effeciency boilers.

What is the difference between the K2, the Aspen, and the Alpine? The rebates are the same across the board ($2750 right now)- so the bottom line is pretty heavily impacted from one unit to the next in terms of price because they're all 95% effeciency- but the US Boiler website doesn't really breakdown how they're different. I can see that most retailers price them (lowest to highest) from the K2, to the Aspen, to the Alpine. I'm not looking to just get whatever is cheapest, but also not looking to automatically buy "the best" and pick the most expensive.

I appreciate any input on these models and their advantages or disadvantages. Thanks.


  • bob eckbob eck Member Posts: 914
    Go to
    Click on condensing boilers.
    Find the Burnham rep in your area they should be able to help your heating contractor to go over the Alpine, Aspen and K2 condensing boilers.
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