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B&G Triple Duty Pump Leak


I noticed my handyman was not checking on my hot water pumps (that are hard to reach) While doing a thorough rounds check, I found my hot water pump Triple valves like this. These valves are B&G Triple Duty 3g 4"

The loop is chemcially treated and balanced. My question is, what causes this and what is the cure.



  • ScottSecorScottSecor Member Posts: 372
    Most likely long term seal leak where the shaft meets exits the body. Sometimes you can just tighten the packing nut slightly, sometimes you need to replace the seal, which is often very difficult to purchase. Other times the area that the seal rests will be pitted and you then have two choices. Clean, sand and polish the area where the seal sits and build it up with some sort of epoxy, polish the shaft and hope it does not leak - or- replace the entire triple duty valve with a new one.

    Can you see why we're hesitant to offer a fixed price when we are asked to provide an estimate on repairing these types of valves?
  • LFsuperLFsuper Member Posts: 29
  • ScottSecorScottSecor Member Posts: 372
    See parts breakdown.
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