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Polaris Water Heat - Error Code 2

I am having a really hard time with my Polaris Propane water heater. Currently I cannot get the pressure switch to be satisfied, so I am getting an error code #2. However if I bypass the pressure switch it all works just fine.

This started about a week ago and I found the hot water heater with an error code #2. I cut and reinstalled the clear tubes to the pressure switch and it started working, only to run into an error code #3. I checked the igniter and sure enough it was bad, so I replaced that. Since i have installed the new igniter I cannot get the pressure switch to be satisfied. I have tried removing the air filter and vent pipes from either side of the unit, but it still isn't drawing enough air to satisfy the sensor. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Could the blower motor just not be working well enough? It seems odd that the igniter and the blower would have gone at the same time though. To be sure it was not the pressure switch I have replaced that as well. My next step is to get my hands on a manometer to check the pressure at the switch. Any other thoughts for me?


  • CarlAnderson87CarlAnderson87 Member Posts: 4
    I found this troubleshooting guide that would suggest it is the burner, but at $410 I'd really like to be sure. I guess I need to pull it out and inspect it unless there are other ideas?
  • How old is the heater?
    Often wrong, never in doubt.

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  • CarlAnderson87CarlAnderson87 Member Posts: 4
    Coming up on 9 years in November. I should add the top nipple was leaking for a few months this summer before I noticed it and had it fixed. Could that water have gone somewhere and caused damage?
  • HomerJSmithHomerJSmith Member Posts: 889
    edited October 2019
    It's been a long time since I worked on a Polaris. The company did have a recall on some models. They sent you all the parts that you needed to fix it. A really nice gesture.

    Jump the electrical connections with a jumper and see if the W/H fires up and runs correctly, that will tell the tale. Is that what you mean by bypassing the pressure switch? So to be sure you replaced the pressure switch. There are several pressure switches for a Polaris. Some have two places for a hose connection and some only have one. If one connection, you have a negative draw from the blower. If two connections, you can have a positive or a negative draw and the hose should be connected to the correct side of the diaphragm.

    The hose should be in good condition without any cracks. I always carry Hi-Temp silicone hose. Where the hose connect to the blower make sure that the hole in the blower is not plugged. Use a paper clip or a small drill and clean out the opening. Make sure that the wires from the switch to the circuit board are not loose or that the terminals on the board are solidly soldered and not loose. This is all I can suggest.
  • CarlAnderson87CarlAnderson87 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Homer, I reviewed the pressure switch lines and setup, but did not see any issues. I ended up pulling the burner and found it was pretty dirty. I cleaned the burner the best that I could and reassembled the unit. I ended up needing to replace the burner gasket too (the compressed graphite gasket above the blower motor). However after cleaning the burner the water heater is now drawing enough air to satisfy the pressure switch and it is running without any problems.

    My only concern now is that even though the water heater was not running, when I pulled the blower motor & igniter a good amount of water came out of the chamber. I know that this water heater does make condensation, but it had been drained and had not ran since it was drained. Probably time to start thinking about a new system.
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