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Why your boiler needs a low-water cutoff

HeatingHelp Administrator Posts: 654
edited September 2019 in THE MAIN WALL

The contractors involved in those two jobs now install low-water cutoffs on every boiler they install, as should every contractor.

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  • question
    question Member Posts: 30
    You should have two low water cut offs. The mechanical ones get stuck if not maintained properly.
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,646
    As well as a low pressure cut off.

    But for wood boilers a LWCO can make things worse for a runaway boiler with little control of the fire.
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  • Shalom
    Shalom Member Posts: 165
    On that first job, did he also repair the leaky radiant pipes? Because if not, he's probably going to be back there at some point in the not too distant future,
  • Athana
    Athana Member Posts: 105
    Hi..My Boilers were fairly recent having been put in by a member here 3 years before this happened (4 years ago) ..but the Cycle-Gard on one started calling for water not registering that the Boiler was full of water.
    I was laying in bed about to dose off at 1:00 or 1:20 AM and I hear water running..then stop..then I heard it again a few minutes later and not stop..I got out of bed looked around went to basement and saw Water Feeding into the Boiler..but sight glass full and some water on the floor. I stopped water feeding into the Boiler and stopped Boilers.
    What to do ..Winter ..I emptied Boilers to proper water level..kept water into Boiler off and ran it and kept my eye on it every day or two..for the next 4 years : (
    Since a bit after that I have lost half my hearing in one ear if it was today, Id never have heard it.
    Anyway..The manufacturer said Clean the probe..finally at end of last year I called PSE&G "Worry Free" and guy came over and changed Probe in Cycle Gard..on the faulty one..Should I get them in to do the other one to?
    Anyway There must be a better way..when water gets too low Boiler should just shut down period..its better than risking a Low Water Cut Off not stopping the call for water and causing a disaster. ..Or there should be a less electronic more fault proof high water cut off.
  • Athana
    Athana Member Posts: 105
    Cycle Gard..is not a Low Water Cut off ?