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Use shutoff to reduce from two oil tanks to one?

nor_bertnor_bert Posts: 2Member
I have two fuel oil tanks in my basement. One is much older than the other. I plan on replacing them both next summer but, in the mean time, can I close the shutoff on the old one to keep it (nearly) empty while filling the other one through the winter?


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 3,648Member
    edited September 2019
    Yes if you have 2 separate fills, and not ganged together.

    Do you actually need 2 tanks? You can get a 330 gallon tank if you have the room and need a little extra between fills, whether it's for logistical purposes (rural area), or just to avoid the heavy hit to the wallet getting a 400+ gallon delivery.

    When you replace those tanks, please don't re-use any of the fuel. Don't put any of the old fuel into the new tanks.
    You 20, 30, 40 years of sludge, microbes, etc that have been eating at those tanks. You wouldn't want to put that into a new tank and give it a head start on tank failure.
  • nor_bertnor_bert Posts: 2Member
    edited September 2019
    Thanks for the great advice! Yes, I am going to go to a 330 gallon tank. The house is a LOT tighter than it was 30 years ago. My tanks are nearly empty now but can't wait a month while changing over before starting to heat again.
  • HVACNUTHVACNUT Posts: 2,737Member
    In addition to the advise from @STEVEusaPA , If you don't already know, there are options other than a standard 330 steel tank. I know Grandby offers coated "Green something" tanks with different warranty options depending on the tank.
    Properly installed twinned 165 gallon Roth tanks would be nice as well.
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